When choosing multiple topics or items from a list, do not change tabs –stay in tab with list

  • When I browse through items, I click each I want more information about later. I want to stay in the tab with the list, not jump to the single-item tab for the most recently selected tab. tabs should work like IE, Firefox and Chrome.

  • Moderator

    For now, then, middle-click on items in the list so as to open them in the background.

    I beg to differ that Vivaldi should work like IE, Firefox and Chrome. Theoretically, as much as possible, it should work like old Opera 12 and earlier versions, which it seeks to replace. Old Opera users should feel at home here. The old Opera behavior was that "new tab" always got focus, and "background tab" (available with middle-click, with ctrl+click or from context menu) always opened in the background.

    Once Vivaldi is more matured, and has a more stable user base (having flocked here because they missed Opera 12 so badly) I can see where other users might want "mainstream" new tab behavior, and I agree that should be an option.

    But at this point, Vivaldi is not seeking mainstream users. It is looking to recapture as much of the old Opera user base as possible (some two to twelve million should be responsive to this offering) and proceed from there.


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