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  • So… I am unpleased by that animation of button, going in on clicking on him. It wastes time and tabs are appearing slower, much slower. Is it any way to disable this?

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    Unable to replicate this. The "animation" complained of is that the button instantly darkens on hover (which seems to take no time and consume no resources) and then when the button is pressed, it shrinks, and as it is shrinking, the new tab appears in less than a second. The time to see the new tab is exactly the same on my main machine (Win 8.1 3.5 GHz 6-core processor, 10 GB RAM) as it was before.

    On my 8-year-old Win 7 tower (X86 dual-core 3.4 GHz processor and 3.25 GB RAM) it takes almost a full second to see the new tab - still no slowing caused by the animation and, if possible, it seems a bit faster producing a tab than the last build.

    On my 13-year old tower running Lubuntu (3 GHz CPU, 2GB RAM) the behavior is the same except that a new tab takes 1.5 seconds to appear, as it has always done

    On my oldest, crappiest, weakest machine, running Win10 (1.47 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM), the animation is still without resource penalty. It does take 2 seconds for the new tab to appear, but it has always done so. I mean, the machine is just SLOOOOOOW, anyway.

    How are you defining "slower?"

  • Yes, the difference isn't as big to be measured by seconds, but he is. Tab in Vivaldi appears little bit slower. I've made some gifs. Both of them were tested on the same machine with Windows 7 64x, 2-core 2.7 GHz processor and 4 GB of RAM without any else program running.

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    So the browser needs optimization. This is hardly news. This will be the primary focus of developers after basic BUILDING BLOCKS of the browser (like private browsing, extensions, email) have been completed and implemented.

    In the meantime, performance continues to be improved incrementally, and my personal opinion is that focusing on "add tab" animation is misplaced and represents a waste of effort for a user who is here testing things.

    The real issue is just the fraction of a second too-long that it takes for Vivaldi to create a new tab, and the solution for that will be in the pipeline after the framework for the browser is more or less complete - which it's not really anywhere near being at this moment.

  • I got it. You say that I don't need to stuck on things like unsmooth animation and poor optimisation. But, can I manipulate this somewhere? Something like config files or else?

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    I don't think so. The browser is too green for such settings. It's barely half-built. But optimization and options are the life-blood of this development team - so as soon as the basic platform is complete, look for many improvements to performance, and many options to begin to be offered.


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