New Tab Behaviour - feature requests

  • Hi there, I'm very interested in Vivaldi, but after a few days' using it as my main browser there are definitely some behaviours that - if features weren't added to address them - would prevent Vivaldi from overthrowing Chrome as my browser of choice once it's out of technical preview. I need to fine tune new tab behaviour. When I spawn a new tab via the keyboard shortcut, it's because I want to do something in a new tab, right now - that tab should become active. In Chrome, I type the new tab key command my search query or URL in one fluid sequence and get what I want. In Vivaldi, that works, except... When I open a link in a new tab, it's almost always because I've found something relevant to whatever I'm doing at the moment, butI want to finish what I'm doing before being dragged off to that new tab. In order to get this working in Vivaldi I've had to install the SimpleTabOrder extension and set new tabs to open in the background, which breaks the new tab behaviour as above... Huh, okay, just tried alt-clicking and it behaves as I want. I'm used to opening in new window via right-click so I suppose this is an opportunity for me to level up my hotkey skills, but it would be nice for them to be customizable. Long story short: I'd like Vivaldi to let me configure the behaviour of new tabs opened via the open new tab command separately to the behaviour of new tabs opened via right-clicking on a link and choosing 'Open in new tab' (or alt-clicking). One other nice feature would be to have the X for closing a tab appear on mouseover (or have it permanently displayed as in Chrome). Sometimes I know I'm done with a tab, and given the amount of time I spend managing tabs all day I'd love to have one less step to close a tab. [i]EDIT: I believe SimpleTabOrder was hiding the on-mouseover X for closing a window. Ignore this paragraph![/i] Otherwise, I love a lot of the innovation I'm seeing with Vivaldi. Thanks!

  • @Static11:

    I'd love to have one less step to close a tab.

    Middle click on the tab


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