Opera Glitches

  • I'm currently using Opera 19, and have used Opera for a couple of years now. Since I've upgraded to Opera 19 however, often after not using it for about half an hour or more, but leaving it running, Opera won't load any pages. The only way I know how to fix this is to restart Opera, but doing so for some reason is tricky and irritating. This fix also won't stop it happening again. Does anyone know anything about this?

  • Any extensions working?
    The pages produce Cross DOM memory leaks in Chromium Opera?

    In the end: 19– was the only browser on my system that managed to freeze the whole system. The latest stable build of Opera (which is 20 btw.) seems to behave a bit better ...

  • I've just upgraded to Opera 20 but there's still no change. The only extension I run is AdBlock. I'm not too sure about memory leaks though.

    One thing that I've also noticed is that whenever I start Opera my computer apparently runs Opera.exe in six different instances according to the task manager. Closing the third one down the list is what actually closes the browser. After closing all other, Opera could've even display pages that had already been loaded, claiming it had run out of memory. Could this be caused by leaks? Forgive me if that seems like a stupid question but I'm not particularly knowledgeable about this sort of thing as you can guess.

    Thanks for the reply btw 🙂

  • Opera 15+ is multi-threaded, as is Chromium generally, with one thread per tab plus one for the UI - though there are options that could lead to even more separate processes if enabled. :whistle:


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