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  • Hi everyone,

    Hot off the heels of my previous topic(where you can also see an example of the feature in action if you're not familiar with it), I wonder if anyone else agrees having this kind of functionality would be a great addition to Vivaldi?

    I have just tried Spatial navigation, and while better than nothing, it is noticeably less efficient at finding all the clickable stuff on a page and is quite a chore to use as the marker jumps from area to area in an unpredictable manner. Vimium, on the other hand, simply highlights all the visible links with a shortcut that can be pressed. It is more accurate and saves more time (in fact, I find myself navigating pages faster than using a mouse sometimes).

    Would it be possible to have a similar feature baked in? What does everyone think? If you are a keyboard user who hasn't tried it yet, I encourage you to do so. I never thought I'd like it so much.

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    @alvk I guess the a Vivaldi feature similar to old Opera12 feature will be added for better navigation with many single-char shortcuts.

  • Another thing Opera used to do many years back was have a links panel which showed a (clickable) list of all link text and associated addresses.

    You could reorder alphabetically etc. and it was also searchable IIRC. That panel was often very handy...

  • Hi, this request has a newer but more voted duplicate.

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