Snapshot - A cleaner Speed Dial and lots of fixes!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi y'all, Before we dive right into some of the changes made in this week’s snapshot build, we thought we would spend a little bit time explaining our plan going forward. As our development continues on toward beta, we have added quite a few new features and made some significant changes to our products over the last two months, since TP3. Because many people around the world download Vivaldi browser TP3, a build available for public download from, we thought it would be a good idea to release the another newer Technical preview based on the current snapshot code. As preparation for TP4, this snapshot focuses on mainly bug fixes, but sneaked in a few more customization options on Speed Dial! Go to: //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

  • Dear Staff! Since the last couple of snapshots the browser window random crashes on Linux Mint. I was forced to remove it, although previously i have tested for few months. On Windows platform there is no this error.

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32-bit system (3.13 kernel, w/Nvidia drivers)

    32-bit snapshot builds (212 & 219) will not open any window after launch. Only thing that looks like errors are something about raw channel disconnects / abort (?? Not sure about message details; I don't have the snapshot installed any longer. ) I may have seen these messages in the version that works – 32-bit TP3 has no startup problems.

    When it is hung, there are several instances running and two "cat" processes? Not easy to kill off. <ctrl-c>exits cleanly.

    I have tried removing all traces of the app from ~/.config/vivaldi-snapshot and other system directories - No change in behavior.</ctrl-c>


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