Bookmark Bar Folders Stop Working

  • This started with the latest update. Seemingly at random, sometime after opening Vivaldi, the folders in the bookmark bar stop opening on a click. They simply don't respond at all. Neither does the overflow arrow at the far right of the bookmark bar. A restart of the browser fixes it but I'd rather not have to do that as it seems that it's a fairly inevitable issue that crops up eventually regardless of what I do.

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    @drjoelkain I'll ask about this internally. VB-50857 (Vivaldi gets into unresponsive state with large number of bookmarks) was a Bookmarks Bar-related fix for a situation similar to what you described. This should not be happening in any of the current Stable or Snapshot builds.

  • I have this problem with my MacbookPro. When I click on a bookmark, it FREEZES and I have to reopen the browser to clear away the gremlins. This happens 100% of the time on your latest release.

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