Is there a way to make the Google Hangouts browser extension show up in the web panel?

  • Hey all,
    I installed the Google Hangouts browser extension, which typically opens a new separate stripped down window but I was wondering if there is a way to make it show up in the web panel? I tried to add but it just adds the Google Play store there instead. I also tried to take the actual panel that pops up when using Hangouts and adding the address ( which is similar to this: chrome-extension://nckgahadagoaajjgafhacjaapd/mainapp.html?uv_main_window) but that just shows a blank screen.

    If it's not possible to get this to work, is it possible to further strip down the panel that opens for hangouts to not include an address bar or the icons for the extensions and things of that nature?


  • I will be interested to hear what others say because I am writing an extension that also works in web panels.

    I believe it is possible but extension needs to be written with a message passing method that works with web panels. If it is then you are good. 🎉

    The main issue I see is that there is no way to inject content script into web panels so if this is how the extension's background script communicates with the page in a web panel then that would have to change.

    PLEASE CORRECT ME if I am wrong with my above assumptions.

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    @MostHated if the new "stripped down" window is an app then you can't use it in a panel. Extension pages should work fine on a panel most of the time, but hangouts extension may be making more advanced API use.

    Out of curiosity - what does the hangouts extension do that the Web page can't? Does it work if you just add the normal Web page as a panel, right click, and use desktop view?

  • I decided to do a vertical split screen. web based msg app next to browser windows.
    to affect this, select 2 or more tabs (cntl + click on tab) then use tiny bottom icon "page titling" to select your preferred browser layout.

  • I'd like to see this happen, too. Would be extremely useful. Any chrome extension APP that creates a window should be usable as a panel.

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    You have to add the web address then right-click on the sidebar icon and set it to desktop mode.
    Same for web skype or it insists you use the app.

    No extensions required

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