Thanks for sticking around 🙏

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    Hi friends!

    It was quite a weekend – for you and for us. Unfortunately, we suffered a major outage but Vivaldi services were brought back up fully late last evening CET.

    That downtime must have really caused a great deal of inconvenience to you. We are deeply sorry about it. The reason behind this was a hardware failure. Our team was up and running to work on a fix to solve the issue. And we got it right! 🙌

    Every crisis opens up new opportunities to work even better. You will soon see a status page that will help you discover us with explanations of “what’s wrong?” in such situations. That’ll be live in a few weeks.

    Technical glitches are inevitable but what comes on the top is patience. Thank you for your incredible patience. 🙏

    Hope you’ve had a great start to a new month with Vivaldi (Did you spot the easter egg in the browser? 😇 )

  • A status page?
    AT LAST!!! 😃 😃 😃

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    Of course we will stick with Vivaldi. Stuff happens. V found and fixed the problem. I feel sorry for the team who lost sleep last night. Let's hope they got Monday off or at least a little sleep at their work station. Yeah, I found the egg but it took some hints. I can never find those blasted easter eggs.

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    @gaelle Say no to like leaving the vivaldi, is in the blood 🙂
    edit: I couldn't find any eggs :c

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    I think that since this can always happen, I remember that even Google once had a problem with the server and it was not possible to access Gmail.
    I think that Vivaldi users love this browser too much to hold a grudge for such a thing.
    No need to apologize for a technical failure, at least for my part I can only applaud your reaction so soon to correct it. 👍🏻

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    I thought it was an upgrade,

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    I love Vivaldi! Keep up the great work! I use Vivaldi daily!

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