Mouse Gesture : Improving tiling command

  • Hello,

    Currently the tiling command is quite poor. I mean that from the current vertical tiling as it is now, we could have :

    1. vertical tiling that tiles the next tab with the current one if none tab is selected
      • the same for last tab
    2. vertical tiling only for two views and which is an activating and desactivating command that plays with current tab and the next one
      • the same with last one version

    Remark that if I select the last tab and I ask for tiling with the next one, automaticaly the last one could be selected. The same is true with the last version, if i'm tiling the first tab, then in this case the next one is computed. This could be a smart managing.

    This few variations of the tiling mouse gesture is more than a detail : I think this make tiling with mouse gesture useful whereas the current solution, which is hybrid as it needs mouse gesture and dealing with tab chain, is contrary to the quickness and the easiness that we could expect for mouse gesture. More, the current solution loses the user wondering if he has to make the mouse gesture on the page or over the tabstrip...

    We probably have similar problems with all mouse gesture tab commands, I'm thinking for example about stacking ones.

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