Copy Text or URL's and paste them into an external program possible ?

  • Hello all, One thing i really loved with Opera 12 was the possibility to edit the contextual menus and copy then paste URL's or some other things into some external programs. For example copy an image URL and send it to wget to download it in the background, something like this [code]Item, Picture direct download=copy image address & Execute program,"E:\Wget\wget64.exe", "--config=E:\Wget\wget.ini %c"[/code] It's maybe a bit too early to start looking into how to reproduce such things in Vivaldi but I'd like to know if it will be possible in a way or another with this browser engine ? I have no knowledge at all about the chrome engine, and didn't started yet to look into how i can do to achieve this, preferably without having to use an extension for this or simply if it is even possible to do such thing, if anyone have some infos / tips or useful documentation links so i could start to dig a bit into this when i'll have free time, do not hesitate to talk and share :P Thanks a lot in advance .

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    Such macros will come, but it is not high prority as the developers have to goal the first Beta.

    Contextual menu entries can be created in Chromium but thats not as easy as in Opera 12, more of programming with Javascript and internal interfaces.

  • Thanks,
    While i understand some other things have the priority i hope it won't take too long as this is exactly the kind of features who made the old Opera a must.

    I guess i need to start looking into what is possible inside google chrome and start learning a bit some JavaScript :/

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