Open links in bulk in seperate tabs

  • Previous Opera had a widget that was awesome. It opened multiple links like from a search result in new tabs in the background. The user would click the region where the links are and the tool would open the links contained within. Me and i'm sure almost every other power user does searches all day long for information. When I get a list of results, I scan the results then usually open the top five or ten links. That widget used to really help. But the new opera doesn't have it. Nor does firefox which is my default browser now. How amazing would it be if V could not only open multiple but more importantly understand which tabs belonged with each other and would automatically keep them organized as the user refined searches and opened more then refined and opened more. Right now I have to do all the organizing myself individually and in new windows by manually copying search terms and keeping track of where each variation of the search term is. It's a real pain. Browsers need more intelligence.


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