Tabs bug

  • Below is instruction how to reproduce it. Try it. [img][/img] 1. Open 3 tabs with random websites (could be 2. Move the 2nd tab over 1st to stack them. 3. Switch to the tab on the right in the stack. 4. Grab the stacked tabs (it's easier when you grab on the right, below the active tab in the stack) and move them over 3rd tab like you would like to stack them. 5. Stop when 3rd tab changes color indicating ability to stack (3rd tab shouldn't move). 6. Move the cursor stright down onto the URL bar - and release the mouse button. 7. Now you can have your own glitched tabs :). 8. In older snapshots you had to move stacked tabs behind the plus button - but they've changed it so now you just have to move it down. I've tried to unstack tabs by dragging one out of the stack. I was just curious if it would work. And it glitched the tabs.

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    Yes, a known and reported bug with tabstacking and tab moving.

    In my case restart Vivaldi helped.

  • You sound like a generic bot.
    Unstacking tabs brings it to normal - no need to restart.

  • I see that you edited your post.

    Are you prohibiting me from writing about this bug on this forum?
    Now everybody can glitch their tabs.

  • Anybody followed the steps to glitch their tabs?

  • Will this feature be implemented in TP4?

  • Well in this snapshot is a little better, but you can still glitch the tabs

  • I can see some changes. Since TP4 unstacking tabs doesn't bring it to normal.

  • When will be this fixed? The bug is known for a long time. But now it only gotten worse.

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    When will be this fixed?

    This is a question testers know better than to ask. The answer is always the same: "As soon as the developers are able, considering everything else that has to be done."

  • You have to be very precise when moving tabs. Otherwise it's very easy to glitch them.

    Also it would be nice to have option to unstack one tab from the stack (i.e. by dragging it out of it).

  • Glitching tabs became easier in recent snapshots. Now you can omit step number 3.

  • I came to report a bug, not realizing that the ability to stack tabs is actually a "feature." Some tabs partially stack (partially obscure each other), others fully stack (and are completely hidden) and gaps are left, where tabs once were, since the remaining tabs do not realign themselves. When the tabs stack behind each other, I have to restart the browser to find them again. Please give us a menu option to disable this "feature" all together.

    I have a second complaint about the tabs. By default, both a new tab as well as a child tab launches at the far right. Please allow us to set a preference to launch child tabs to the immediate right of the parent. If I could set this as a preference, I wouldn't be spending so much time dragging tabs around and inadvertently stacking them.

    Thanks for listening!

  • I get this tabs bug too, but restart isn't required. Just hide/show UI to fix it, the feature was introduced after tp4.

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