Access 2 different accounts of WhatsApp, Messenger, among others, in the same panel.

  • I do not know if they already give as a suggestion, but it would be extremely important, the possibility to access more than 2 different accounts of WhatsApp, Messenger, among others, in the same panel. Because we use WhatsApp Business and Personal today.

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    Considering a panel is just a webpage, I'd say that's something you have to ask from WhatsApp, Facebook, etc to allow that feature in their own pages...

  • not really, if side panels were "sandboxed" that would be enough to have multiple accounts

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    @maurix Even if that were the case, I don't see how that would help display two different accounts in the SAME panel, which was the original request...

  • @pauloaguia I think that might just be a terminology miscommunication. @maurix will clarify his request, but he may be calling† the UI element that holds all the panels (which confusingly is sometimes called the panel in Vivaldi settings), and so he could have two web panels each with their own login, which I still don't think is possible but I could be wrong.

    Don't all the panels use the same session info? Like I have two web panels pointing to different pages of the same service, when I login to one panel I don't have to login to the other. Similarly I've got 2 panels to different pages of the same extension and similar states are shared there as well (what's considered the active page as one example). If I login to a service in my panel and load that page in a tab, it picks up the login credentials from the tab, and, I believe, vice versa. I think I just abused the comma there.


    † 20200718T2128-0400 added the missing verb

  • I wouñd like this functionality as well, basically, the ability to "sandbox" a web panel, storing all its session info/cookies, etc separate from the general store.

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