How to "give credit to" vivaldi when searching?

  • I changed most of the default search options and startpage reading pages but I would still like to somehow make sure that Vivaldi gets supported. i believe I noticed, before i changed things around, that there was some "vivaldi' something or other appended to the URLs of searches and default sites/bookmarks, is there a way to add that for other sites? Like say or add it back into the modified string i have set for duckduckgo or for my occasional google services searches?

  • @alv Unsure for startpage.

    For DDG

    For Qwant

  • Thanks, happen to know how to add it so say bing maps or google images? (or even better herewego maps) I dont understand the advertising stuff so much, that is, i assume there has to be some agreement between vivaldi and the site? Is there perhaps a list of sites that vivaldi has an agreement with? Some of the search stuff i use are pretty common, others less so.

  • @alv I don't think there is an agreement between bing maps/herewegomaps/google images, so from a Vivaldi support point of view, you can go with default/customized you already have there.
    For what I recall - Bing search, Ecosia, DDG, Qwant and Startpage have an agree with Vivaldi.

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