Is Vivaldi Ready to be our Default Browser?

  • Hey Gang, So, I'm currently running version of Vivaldi; Wondering if members of the community or the Devs think the current build is ready for us to switch to as our Default, everyday wise, etc. Feedback is very much appreciated....Loving it so far!!!!! Thanks, B0bbyP

  • Vivaldi is already my default browser.

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    Vivaldi IS my default browser. That doesn't mean I'm anywhere near satisfied with it. It offers side tabs and some options I really like to have, but although it's head and shoulders above the rest for usability as far as I am concerned, it is still quite buggy (as one might expect at this stage), does not yet have the email client, and can't yet be configured to conform perfectly to my work flow.

    So, "better than the rest" isn't saying much, because I don't like ANY other browser out there. The last one I liked was Opera 12. And there are still some real problems with crashing pages, etc., but even with the bugs, I like it best.

    That said, it's still not as good as Opera 12 was, and I won't be satisfied until it is. There is NO REASON on earth why the entire universe of browser users should be required to settle for a global reduction in product quality, just because the definition of "progress" among the big tech companies is concerned solely with profits and has zero to do with the actual worth of the tech to users.

  • Vivaldi has been my default browser for a couple of months now. Some of the bugs and problems do make me a little crazy, but compared to anything else I found, it is still the best available for me.

    I had used Opera from the paid subscription days until Opera 12.xx. When Opera changed its philosophy and engine, I dropped back to 12.xx and used IE, Chrome and Firefox for those sites that Opera couldn't handle.

    Vivaldi is getting better with each new snapshot and I am satisfied at this time.

  • Agreed, great answers!!!

    I am still using Opera 12x…........I'm so used to that Browser and wanted to stay with it, I even installed Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (for the Browser protection plugin alone) thinking that would compensate for the lack of updates but that has run its course.....sites aren't loading properly now and I'm having all sorts of weird issues because it's not being maintained.

    Thank you very much for the feedback guys, Firefox just ain't cutting it so, I'm going ALL IN!

    Thanks again,


  • PS - I "Love" thanking you guys with the "<3 Thank You" button….but maybe that heart (<3) needs to go....LOL

  • Not ready for prime time over here. Once it offers

    • full extension support (visuals etc.)
    • smooth-scrolling

    it is.


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    Not ready for prime time over here. Once it offers

    • full extension support (visuals etc.)
    • smooth-scrolling

    it is.


    Extension support will arrive soon enough.

    Smooth scrolling, simple as it may sound, may take a bit longer. The native implementation of "smooth scrolling" in Blink really kind of sucks - and to write several thousand lines of code to replace and improve upon it within the actual browser itself, is a ton of work for little return. In the meantime, there are loads of Chrome extensions that purport to provide "smooth scrolling," and you may want to try one of those. There is also, out there in the web-verse, an extension called "modern scroll" which I've actually heard a couple of good things about.

  • Vivaldi has been my default browser for quite some time. However, I keep the others for escape purposes. Filling in forms on web pages can be a tedious task using Vivaldi. I regret using Vivaldi when applying for ESTA for my whole family.

  • Vivaldi is doing double duty with Opera 12 and occasional Firefox and IE at the moment for me, because it is not yet ready to be my only browser. For instance, per-site control of javascript, plugins, etc, has just been lost in the last two updates and need putting back. There is no tab tearing yet. The search box is unfinished (to whit: clicking in it does not select all text, there are no previous searches stored, or search suggestions. Right click menu search is still stuck on Google (needs to be the currently selected engine in the search box). Video does not seem to work on many sites. Extensions are not yet fully supported. Plus tabs are still kind of clunky (dragging is very crude looking at the moment). There is no way to save, load and manage sessions.

    And many other bits and pieces. I look forward to the first official release, but we've a way to go yet.

  • Vivaldi is not yet my current browser, At the moment i just read these forums and check out the snapshots. Opera 12.17 remains my default browser, primarily for the mail feature. I really don't have much interest in mouse gestures and so on. I;m just waiting for mail, extensions button, and incognito mode. As soon as e-mail arrives Vivaldi will be my default browser, The devs are doing a great job so far, so i'll just wait patiently.

  • No. It's still a buggy glitchfest with promise, but not a complete delivery yet. For the moment, I'm using Vivaldi when I can (currently unable to), and defaulting back to Chrome or Dragon when I have to. I'm hoping that in the near future, I won't have to, but until then, I do what must be done.

  • I'm been testing (Developer Build) (64-bit windows 7) and it's in pretty decent shape. Lots of features already. I could use it most of the time without problems, but not enough yet to make me use it instead of Chrome.

    Facebook videos (youtube fine) don't seem to play at all for me. But, I haven't investigated what vivaldi://flags changes I made cause it. With the default settings the videos play but there's no picture (just sound). Not sure if that's some h.264/mp4 issue or not. Works fine in Chrome though. Kind of seems like the video is being rendering in some hidden window.

    In the link context menu, I'm missing "open in background tab".

    The mailto protocol doesn't seem to be supported yet.. Really want that and feeds to pass to Thunderbird.

    What I'm really missing though (that I don't have in Chrome either) is left-click on tab to focus previously-focused tab. I miss that so much after ditching Opera 12.

  • I was really hoping that this would be a respectable replacement for Opera which I still use, however, I have
    experienced Freezing and lockups, which seem to be a problem with Chrome, which could be due to the way that they treat tabs, (as individuals) , so if one fails, the Browser doesn't close; Seems like you may not have a problem, if you have 8Gig of RAM, if not, sorry…...
    (Have just read that 32 bit version may not have the problems, which I am experiencing with 64 bit)
    There is a vast amount of correspondence on the web, w.r.t. these problems; Apparently Firefox had similar issues, and
    managed to resolve them.
    With Opera, there was the facility to set the Cache level (typically 5MB), no such facility with Vivaldi.
    There are some links on the Blog. that I have posted, but don't expect any response as people seem to be more interested in the 'Toys', rather than the fundamental functioning of the system.

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    It's true 32-bit is more stable and requires less RAM than 64-bit at this time.

  • I've found Viv to be very stable. My system is 8Gb RAM, Win 7 64 bit Ultimate, Viv x64.

  • Perhaps "default" means different things to different users. From my point of view, "default browser" means making it truly the OS-listed default browser for a variety of file types, as well as for user-directed manual browsing. And in that default scenario, Firefox still remains my default-set browser, simply because when I require a default browser to be employed, it absolutely must be a stable, released, reliable browser version. Vivaldi has not yet attained that level of assurance (nor does it advertise itself yet as such). That said, for 95+% of my casual, user-directed or manual browsing, I now find myself using Vivaldi and having very few consequential problems.

    But because Vivaldi remains a Tech Preview level of browser and subject to updates significantly impacting performance and feature-sets, the presence of bugs and unexpected hiccups remain very real and significant - as even a casual perusal of these forum threads and the Dev blogs quickly reveals. While such things are usually tolerable in casual or manual browsing, they are unacceptable in a default tool where reliability and assured performance is needed. I believe Vivaldi will eventually get there, and I heartily welcome that day… but for now, that day is still future.

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    Interesting. It is, both by habit and by system assignment, my default. I rarely resort to another browser for any purpose whatever. Granted, it is not without defect and I do occasionally (less than once a day on average) need another browser for something. But the vast majority of both my work and my casual perusal of the web fall nicely within its purview. But everyone's needs are different.

  • I'm pasting this from my Blog reply:-

    djmax 9 minutes ago
    But from what I have been reading, Vivaldi is no better than a Clone of Chrome; Now if
    they had started developing off the back of Chromium– the original open source project--
    there may be a better Browser.
    NO Browser should EVER cause any system to Freeze, if it does, then it is not Fit-for-
    purpose, so I return to Opera every time, and as a second option, QupZilla.
    The Easy option was to start with Chrome, but Chrome arose because: You can really
    trust Google: /s
    When you see that google loaded proprietary software, then one has to consider the
    implications w.r.t. Vivaldi.


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