[Feedback] Moving buttons aren't very good at moving

  • I got really excited when I saw that 2.4 stable was introducing an option to move buttons around - my long time dream. However, my excitement didn't last long, because the only way I could have my buttons the way I was used to them, was re-writing all my stylesheets and scripts... 😕 Mostly, because of all the code changes to the buttons and inability to actually do what I want, but on top of that, multiple unmovable/unhidable objects were added, and an option for disabling extensions toggle was removed, for some reason.
    Almost from the very start of me using Vivaldi I didn't like positions of 5 buttons(in order of annoyance): New Tab, Open Panel, Closed Tabs, Refresh, Settings.
    With this update, only 2 of them can be moved, and 0 of them can be placed where I want them:
    Here's the setup that would be great to have [at least partially] replicatable without learning two or three languages 🙂
    Having New Tab and Closed Tabs in the tabbar is a waste of space for tabs, especially when they are so generously
    spread out. They are also very weirdly coded and moving them is almost impossible even for coding users, hence why in the picture New Tab button is actually a custom extension with the same function and Closed Tabs is substituted with using Window Panel.
    Finally being able to move Open Panel button out of the status bar is great, but if you cannot align it to the right, it's not as convenient when the panel itself is on the right. Having Settings hidden away in the opposite corner of the screen adds to the annoyance, why not place it with the rest of the panel buttons? Possibly, this is only my personal pet peeve, but if the items in the Panel bar can be moved and don't auto align, it would solve any issues as well as provide some simple customization to suit users' own usage.
    Having Refresh in the address field is my own preference, and I am not expecting it to be realised because of the forced bookmark options and reader view(or something), but just having the controls on the right would be close enough for that.
    Being able to move items to the Panel bar(and all around inside it) would be great as well, for example, for seldom used items like Trash Can, and if we could move separate extensions wherever we want, not just in a special area.
    Other than this and tabs still getting shuffled while moving between windows, great update 👍
    1. All the buttons should be able to move and have an option to be hidden, especially New Tab and Trash Can, not just chosen few.
    2. Buttons should be able to move to:
    2.1 The right side of the Address Bar.
    2.2 The Panel bar - would make the Panel bar also act as a sort of Quick Launch for less often used items, while keeping the rest of the browser cleaner.
    (Optional) 3. Each extension should be a separate button and be able to move just as freely to any bar.
    (Very optional) 4. Being able to move at least the Refresh button into the Address Field.

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    @ostankin hi. Thanks for the feedback. Upgrading the toolbars to be more customizable is an on going process, and more abilities will come in time. For now, I'm moving this back to the main forum as its feedback rather than a feature request.

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