Bewildered by UX choice in Vivaldi

  • I've been watching and using Vivaldi on and off for about six months. I'm trying to use Vivaldi full time now on my home PC. My biggest frustration is something that has been discussed in forums for as long as I've been paying attention: The lack of a "Open in background tab" function on the right-click contextual menu. What's bewildering about this is that Vivaldi tries to be a power user's browser. But, release after release and despite request after request, this key tool of other browsers' power users isn't added. So you're a savvy Firefox or Chrome user and you come to Vivaldi and you try to do what you've trained yourself to do and [i]it doesn't work[/i] and (a) you keep stubbing your toe on this because you have an ingrained habit and (b) you resent the apparent refusal of the dev team to build this small accommodation to compatibility. You're climbing a learning curve from the moment you start giving Vivaldi a try! I get it that the Vivaldi Way to do a background open is a middle-click or a Ctrl-click, but what price ideological purity in UX? Why alienate the power users of other browsers?

  • I see it's your first post on the forum, welcome !

    You shouldn't use it as your main browser since it's an alpha version, that's the point.
    I test Vivaldi cause I hope some day I'll use something similar to the old Opera 12.
    I try it whenever I can, during the rest of the time I can use the open in background tab feature in the other browsers until it comes out in Vivaldi too.
    Anyway I can already customize my interface with css, I have custom interface colors, I have mouse gestures (I never had them in FF), I have page actions like a content blocker, some filters like black and white, invert colors, etc.
    There's spatial navigation.
    Don't complain about Vivaldi's alpha version missing stuff, go download an alpha version of Firefox or Opera or whatever you want, it won't be better than Vivaldi
    When the first Vivaldi stable version will be released I'll be the first one to delete it if it doesn't allow me to open tabs in the background

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    Every man and his dog has a different opinion of what needs doing first. When developing a product, decisions have to made what needs to be given top priority. It might be easy to add one menu item, but it makes little sense to add menu items one at a time when many other features will need to be added later when they are ready.

    If you look at you will find a load of trivial issues like this one, which are by no means deal-breakers.

    The fact is that you can open a link in a background tab very easily with middle-click or ctrl click. In Opera 12.17, which is still my default browser, I never use the right-click menu route to open a background tab. In fact, I rarely use the menu at all because it is so much slower than mouse gesture down over a link or the other two methods that you already mentioned — middle-click and ctrl-click.

    So, for me, the inability to customise the mouse gestures would be a deal-breaker, while one individual missing option would not.

    See what issues are deal-breakers for me. Basically, they are email and customising.

  • @dbarnes:

    Why alienate the power users of other browsers?

    Middle click and CTRL+Click are working in practically any other browser and tabbed program.

    I understand your personal preference, but you sould really try to get used to the middle button, you won't regret

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    All the above said, it's not a "UX Choice." It's just a feature that has not yet made it into the mix.

  • It would be even easier to implement selecting the text in the search box when I click in it, easiest thing in the world, and they haven't implemented that either yet. But then, this isn't even a Beta yet.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    I guess it's fair to say that the Vivaldi dev prioritization at this stage is more about things that differentiate Vivaldi from other browsers than about things that make Vivaldi easy to adopt for users of other browsers.

    That being the case, it's too bad that the middle-click and control-click ways to open a background tab aren't more discoverable. They may be present in other browsers but I don't think they get used a lot (except perhaps on Macs, where right-clicking isn't as ingrained a tool).

    Your mileage may vary.

  • @dbarnes:

    That being the case, it's too bad that the middle-click and control-click ways to open a background tab aren't more discoverable.

    CTRL+click is obviously a Mac thing, originated when a single button mouse was the norm there. So it was mandatory choiche to do something more than click and double click.

    Obviously that way, although present on practically any multiplatform program, is still practically unknown for non MacOS users.

    Middle button is different. It's something introduced by Opera in stone age, and subsequently adopted by all other browsers, including explorer since IE7, so assuming that is well known is obvious.

    BTW being obvious and being correct are two different things, personally I'm amazed by how many ex Opera users didn't know anything about the middle button functionality (which isn't limited to background tabs), likely it's the same for Vivaldi developers.

  • Personally, I think middle-clicking in a browser is a vastly unknown technique, especially among folks who've never used Opera. More broadly, I'd bet that no more than one percent of wheeled-mouse users have any idea that the wheel is another button.

    Again, YMMV.

    Eventually, the Vivaldi product management team will need to give more thought to potential Vivaldi users who never were Opera users, but I get it that (a) bringing former Opera users into the fold is critical now for getting Vivaldi launched, and (b) Vivaldi is meant for power users (perhaps defined as the one percent noted above?), and it could be argued that power users can and will figure stuff out on their own. I was just arguing that one hits the learning curve pretty quickly at this stage.


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