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  • I start my vivaldi with all of my ~300 tabs pretty fast. From time to time, I only deal with only a subset of those tabs, like "development area 1", "news", "games", "kid stuff" etc.
    The use of tab stacking is not a solution, because switching between the stacked tabs is very very cumbersome.
    The main problem with extensions like Tabs Outliner is that they load the tabs every time I switch "sessions".
    I would like to switch between the tab sets instantly, without any new window opened/closed or tabs closed/opened.
    It is basically hiding and showing the defined set of tabs, and we can gather lots of speed here.
    The main advantage of live sets is that they are more dynamic than bookmarking the tabs or putting them to sessions, or speed dial or whatever.
    The tab sets can be imagined like live bookmarks or live sessions, without any additional intervention.
    If I close vivaldi in the middle of a browsing session, everything is in place, and stored, next time I can continue where I left.
    Maybe this is easier to implement like a complex solution e.g. Extended Tab Management or Session Panel.

  • @roti use sessions, that's what they are for. Save a set of tabs as sessions, and open only those you need to use. There is no point in opening hundreds of tabs all at once, you use only one at a time, and probably need to switch from a couple at a time at best.
    Tab hoarders just make their lives more complicated instead of easier.
    That's my view on the tab hoarding problem at least.

  • Yes, I tried sessions. My problems are:

    • If I open a session, and make changes (open/close tabs), I cannot update it. I have to save it, and delete the old one.
    • If I open a session in a new window, and close the original window, that session's modification is lost if I not save it.

    Mainly if session modifications could be automatic, I would be happy with "live sessions", where I do not need to save them by hand every time.

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