2.4.1488.35 runs only once with custom path on standalone installation

  • Hello everyone,

    I installed 2.4.1488.35 as Standalone on a folder named Vivaldix and it runs only once. I can sync settings, but when I close it, it doesn't start until I delete "User Data" folder. Then it starts as fresh installation. Does anyone having this issue on latest version? (on 2.2.1388.34 I could use 2 different standalone versions with different paths (one named "vivaldi" one "vivaldix").

    Sorry if posted before and thanks in advance for answers.

  • Moderator

    I do not know what is wrong.

    I suggest different Device names for each standalone in Sync login from.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Thank you very much for answer i tried it but it doesn't fix it.

    My own fix until i find out something better:

    I use 2.4.1488.35 for one standalone (with pathname "Vivaldi") and 2.2.1388.34 for another standalone (with pathname "Vivaldi") until next update(s).


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