Collect links from other apps (like Firefox)

  • Hello,

    Currently I use Firefox on my Android smartphone. I would like to use Vivaldi with Chromium in the future.

    One function is missing in other browsers:
    Links from other apps should be (optional) collected until I open the browser next time.

    For example, I get a news overview in WhatsApp and click several interesting articles there. It would be annoying if the browser would open every klicked link. After the selection I could open the browser and work through the links.

    I hope for feedback.


  • I would love this feature as well! Any updates whether this is planned?

  • I was getting ready to file this feature request myself. I have some notes on the behavior, I'll pull them up and post them here when I get a minute.

  • One of my favourite features in Firefox Android. It's called "Tab Queue" and someone already has this feature request here:

    I hope this gets implemented sometime soon 🙂

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