Vivaldi 2.4: Next level Toolbar Customisation

  • Vivaldi has become my main browser after a friend told me about it.
    The only thing I'm having issues with are Netflix and HBO. And probably some others that I haven't found yet. For some reason I can't play the videos. It works great on other sites like YouTube and Twitch though, which is weird.
    I've tried all the suggestions I can find when googling around, but nothing solves the problem for me.
    Which results in me having to switch back and forth from Chrome and Vivaldi.

    I'm eagerly reading every blog post in hopes of a fix, but it never seems to arrive!
    Will this be addressed?
    Thank you, and great work!

  • I hope this update make the pages load quicker. The last update slowed down page loading by 10 to 20 seconds in some cases and up to 10 seconds 80% of the time.

  • For crying out loud, no more updates. Its running even slower now.

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    @donnytee3022 It runs very fast here. How are you making yours run slow?

  • @jason86: Same problem here too with Windows. It appeared for me on updating to 2.3 from a version some months old. Have not yet updated to 2.4

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    @Jason86 The bug with disappearing text in extenderbar of bookmarks is a known bug.

    @Gwen-Dragon said in Sume issues, ver 2.4.1488.36:

    Looks like this bug:
    VB-51274 "Bookmarks bar's "More bookmarks" drop down list appears outside of the screen boundaries when the browser is maximized"

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    @Gwen-Dragon said in Vivaldi 2.4: Next level Toolbar Customisation:

    The bug with disappearing text in extenderbar of bookmarks is a known bug.

    Not be seen in 2.5.1504.6 as i could test.

  • Positive: it's a start plus the website's title is displayed at the top in the center where it should be displayed.

    I could keep messing around in Paint for an hour or two though instead I'm going to simply post a link with images of what a truly customizable GUI looks like: [].

    I want Vivaldi to succeed and I like having multiple choices though right now I still only have one choice.

    • I can't move the tabs bar below the main toolbar, this infers that websites have control instead of the appropriate vice-versa.
    • I can't move those shortcuts from the sidebar to the main toolbar so what little customization was added was in that small way pointless.
    • I can't add text labels. I'm sitting in front of a 32 inch 4K screen and I have to get a microscope if I want to figure out where to move the mouse to click on a button. Text-labels aren't dumb, in fact not showing text labels is dumb as less/non-technical users won't click on buttons they're not familiar with and that ultimately effects how productive they could be.
    • The address bar needs to be above the tabs and below the main toolbar and able to be moved to any toolbar..
    • Bookmarks need to be to the right of the address bar and able to be moved to any toolbar.

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    @jabcreations Yeah, Firefox does not have a truly customizable GUI. It's a feeble, pale imitation of the customization that was available in Opera Presto, which Vivaldi aims to surpass. Just give it time.

  • Moved to Vivaldi, now that Firefox is banning Extensions, and doesn't allow to install extensions manually (though they did the former for a while).

    Just one question: Is there a way to make the Tab/address Bar thinner?

  • @maxizrin Yes, but there is, in the settings, the UI zoom less than 100% set.



  • @maxizrin said in Vivaldi 2.4: Next level Toolbar Customisation:

    Is there a way to make the Tab/address Bar thinner?

    The Address Bar can be disabled. Use the F8 or Ctrl+L shortcut to focus the address field, or use the Quick Commands dialogue (F2) to enter URLs and searches.


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