Cannot install Vivaldi permanent. Have to install it every time I use it….....

  • Have anybody else expeienced this problem?

  • Hey!
    I see this is your first post here, welcome among us!

    Hmm no and I also think this is very weird.
    Could you provide us more details? Can you see it among your installed software in the control panel?
    Maybe you can't find the default folder where it's installed and you've installed many instances of it

  • What operating system?
    What specific version/build of Vivaldi (and from what website was it obtained)?
    Is it a "simple" install attempt, with no advanced options selected from the install panel?
    Are you attempting to install Vivaldi from inside of a "limited user account"?

  • Thanks for feedback to you all. I too think this is very strange. I'm using a AMD based 64bit. PC thats running Win 7 SP1.
    When trying to install it seems to go ok, but when checking on installed pgms its simply not there….
    I've never experienced anything like this before!

  • When you simply run the installer on a limited user account (i.e. you run it and then click on "Accept and install") it installs in "per user mode" (anyhow it did on my computer). In this case the Vivaldi folder is located in the "Local" subfolder of the current user's "AppData" folder. Look for it there.

    If you need a "regular" installation (i.e. with Vivaldi in the installed programs' list and available for all users) then you have to do the following:

    1. Run the installer.
    2. Hit "Advanced".
    3. Choose "Install for all users" in the drop-down menu "Installation type".
    4. The installation's location will be automatically switched to the "Program Files" folder.
    5. Hit "Accept and install".
    6. Enter the admin password upon request.
    7. Enjoy.

  • Hi all.
    Thank you for good fb. First I want to say I'm prob. a little slow up there…. I did de-install Vivaldi. Logged in with admin mode and installed Vivaldi again with advanced mode and then everything is working ok. Of security reasons I seldom log into admin.
    Usually I login to an ordinary user and when I need to install a new pgm. wright-click on the mouse and do the install by using admin mode from there. That usually works fine, but not with Vivaldi then....

    Sorry to bother you guys with such a trivial matter, but as said before - I'm a little slow....

  • Is Vivaldi installed and works as you wish, or do you still have problems with it?

    When you login to your admin account and install Vivaldi without setting the "Install for all users" option, it will be installed to the "Local" subfolder of the "AppData" folder of your admin account. The "Install per user" option seems to be default. In order to get the same result as with what you described as "right click" on the installer and "run as admin", you need to change the installation options to "Install for all users".

    It is not necessary to login with you admin credetials in order to install Vivaldi the that "usual" way. You can install it from a limited user account. Start the installer, choose "Advanced" (the middle button in the first window) and "Install for all users" (the second drop-down menu from the top). The installer will ask you to enter the admin password then and installs Vivaldi to the "Program Files" folder. (Please take a look at my previous posting for a little more details.)

  • I just found this thread before I started asking/suggesting the install not go to profile directory.

    I just tried running the installer,it won't let me select All Users, its greyed out. This may be because its already installed to my profile (where it was initially blocked by CryptoPrevent - local group policy!)

    Whilst I understand the temptation to run out of the user profile dir, its really irritating, not widely understood and in my opinion sets a dangerous precedent. Nothing good runs there. Software should go to c:\program files [(x86)]. Malware mostly!

    As a sysadmin I routinely block executables from running there. Unless you want to alienate syadmins I'd suggest it installs "properly" by default. Normally profile only apps are frowned on, and therefore blocked on computers where the person doesn't have admin rights. Most people have or can get admin rights. Plus if they have to ask their IT dept to install Vivaldi that's free publicity for you! Presumably (i'm out of my depth here, but is it possible to query UAC try and do it properly and fall back to profile if UAC fails?)

    Also as the person who started this thread has found, its not like Microsoft's profiles system is reliable, predictable or stable!


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