Force desktop version of a site.

  • I was astounded when I didn't find this in the requests, because it's a feature I'm using almost daily on Android. It's needed because some sites/services don't give you the same functionality on mobile compared to desktop. A prime example is Doodle, which wants to force you to use their horrendous app instead of just a browser when you try to use it on mobile.

    Most mobile browser do feature an option to request the desktop site, but the problem is it works unreliably at best. This feature requests asks to put special emphasis on forcing the desktop version by all means possible. Be it by faking the user agent, faking the screen dimensions, whatever is necessary. The end result must be the desktop version of the site. So please don't do some lame "we feature this too" attempt at implementation.

    Thanks devs ^^

  • Yes! Because very often mobile site version is unusable.
    Firefox has Request desktop site in the main menu btw.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @Stardust The 'Desktop site' option is also available in Vivaldi's main menu. You won't see it, when you open the menu while the Start Page is open, but otherwise it's there.

  • @jane-n
    Oh! Sorry. I've missed it.

  • @jane-n well I've found the option but I'm longing for a general desktop by default.
    Now it's like: open the website, klick on Desktopwebsite and then load it again.
    In Firefox I use the extension "user agent switcher" simulate "FF69 on Desktop" and that gives me what I need.
    Is there anything in Vivaldi like about:config?

  • Opera solution:

  • Vivaldi Team

    @Lutra said in Force desktop version of a site.:

    Is there anything in Vivaldi like about:config?

    You could check vivaldi://flags.

  • @jane-n ... And the "name" for this flag? For me it's a REAL "besoin". Many thanks

  • This must be a general option and it will be the best if it is activated by default.
    Only Opera has this as a general settings. In every other browser you need to select it every time you open a page which leads to page reload and double traffic. The firefox extension is OK for the most sites which are using user agent check but there are some websites which are checking the screen width and only the desktop site option is fixing the issue. For example (my mobile phone operator website).

  • Nothing found in vivaldi://flags that looks like it might make Desktop Version the default.

    As there IS a Desktop ability already, I'd hope it's a reasonably simple and quick code tweek to retain the last user-selected view mode?

    That'd do for now, and further down the line we can deal with introducing a Settings entry for "Default Browser Mode" and all that good stuff.

    It doesn't kill me to manually pick Desktop for every individual site right now, but a very valid point was made here that it means a reload of the site when switched, which is bad news on costly mobile data plans.

    TL;DR - Make selected version view mode of Mobile/Desktop sticky.

  • Vivaldi Team

    The option to always show desktop site is now available in the Snapshot version of the app: Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1720.2. 🙂

  • Vivaldi Team

    The feature has now been released in Vivaldi Beta 2.

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