Nuova Snapshot RC2 2.4.1488.29

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    Sarà l'ultima di questo ramo? E chi lo sa. Vivaldi 2.4 RC 2 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1488.29

    Nel dubbio segnalate che se esce una RC3........


    • [Regression] [Win] Tab trash menu opens only for a fraction of a second (VB-50648)
    • [Regression] Floating panel goes over address bar drop down (VB-50999)
    • [Regression] Clear browsing data does not respond to touch input (VB-50351)
    • [Regression] Crash when trying to log into (VB-51064)
    • [Regression] Extension popup does not close when profile popup is opened (VB-51009)
    • Updated translations

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