Which are the new features for version 2.4

  • So we're almost on the new stable version. I was wondering if there are going to be new features since the latest RCs have been only to correct regressions/issues. Im asking if there's any place where new features are talked if there are any.

  • every snapshot release comes with a blog post, also visible in the forum
    you have to read each blog entry for every changelog, but then on release, all the new features will be in the announcement blog entry.

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    I was wondering if there are going to be new features

    There's a number of set stages to a vivaldi release cycle. As I see them:

    1. Start a new snapshot with the vivaldi version increased
    2. Testing fixes for some bugs that slipped through into the previous stable
    3. Bump the chromium engine version
    4. Fix all the regressions that happen because of the engine
    5. Start introducing and testing new features (a new feature every couple of snapshots)
    6. Refactor and polish the interface for new features
    7. Enter release candidate (RC) stage - no new features for this cycle, it's just about bug fixing
    8. Full Release of a stable version

    The only times we usually get new features is during stage 4, sometimes 5. Often stage 2 and 3 are mixed together and if we're lucky we also get some new features then.

  • @LonM So there will not be many new features for 2.4 it seems...

  • @joao-rossa Hello there,

    The upcoming Vivaldi Browser 2.4 is not feature. yet complete.

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    @joao-rossa features that I can think of right off the top of my head; ability to move, hide, restore toolbar buttons (including move them between toolbars), the Quick Commands calculator, context menu support for the Bookmarks Bar (which people have been clamoring for, literally for years), user profile control, increased tab stack control, bookmarking tab selections, Mac video support - there may be more.

    But the way to keep abreast of new features is to watch the Snapshot versions. During the snapshot development of a version number, features are added. When the snapshot nears release to stable, no features are added - only bug and regression fix. So the features that are added BEFORE release candidates appear are the features that will be added.

    Sorry if these were not enough for you.

  • @Ayespy Thanks it makes sense that the RCs seems to fix regression issues.

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