Security tools for use with/without an AV

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    It is useless to half bake turning off telemetry, one either turns it off completely or there is no point, nothing tin hatty about that.

    Blackbird breaks nothing, maybe you need to have a closer look or at least know what you are looking for, before passing your esteemed judgement.

    Well, it changes a lot more than just disabling telemetry doesn't it?

    Just out of curiosity I tested running it yesterday - after doing a complete system drive backup obviously.

    Stuff it broke:

    • Deleting default gateway from network adapter = no internet. Do these idiots all use DHCP?
    • Disabling device discovery on the local network = Windows settings crashing when accessing Devices.
    • Disabling BITS and other services required for Windows Update = no security updates.
    • Probably a lot more I didn't care to find out, like turning off diagnostic services you actually need when real problems occur.

    If it had stuck to just turning off telemetry, like Shutup10, I would be fine about it, but they've stuffed so much other shit in there, disabling stuff necessary for the operation of the system. And adding badly documented "tweaks" no-one can be sure how works on different setups. It might even make your system slower (like turning off various caching mechanism in the name of "privacy").

    Their "restore from backup" thing failed with errors as well of course, so I restored from a proper backup.

    I pity the poor inexperienced user running this to stop "Micro$opht spyeing" and ending up with a broken system and no clue how to fix it...

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    OSArmour has been updated to v1.4.3

    Another standalone AV tool worth looking at.
    OPSWAT Free Tools (inc. Chrome extension)
    It is worth setting up a free account so you can use the same API key in each session, and keep track of the scanned files.
    It uses VT for the databases as well as running it's own sandbox tests.

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    "The Ultimate List of 50 Free Security Tools, Tested For You"

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    Updated the OPSWAT links to something more useful.
    Oops !

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    The free OPSWAT Metadefender client is now downloadable again.

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