LMB click on 'Closed Tabs' button will clear closed tabs list when your 'Tab bar position' is bottom

  • VB-51114
    I use a 'Bottom' tab bar position. When I try to click LMB on 'Closed Tabs' button closed tabs list will cleared. This happens because the mouse cursor appear over the 'Clear All' menu option on click and the command is executed. It's very annoying.

    1. Set 'Bottom' tab position in Settings>Tabs
    2. Open and close couple of pages to fill closed tabs list.
    3. Click LMB on 'Closed Tabs' button
    4. Closed tabs list will be cleared.

  • The popup shouldn't appear over the button. I have a feeling I read about this before, there's a good chance it's already been reported.

  • @dodger it's reported several times now.
    workaround: hold the LMB down at the trash bin so you can select the desired tab

  • Moderator

    @dodger It's being fixed (is already fixed internally). For now, you can right-click on the trash can and proceed from there.

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