Snapshot 1.0.212 - On our way to TP4

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    Hey everybody, This snapshot includes a new feature enhancement to our popular mouse gestures (more on that below) and a lot of fixes for the most frequently reported bugs from the last snapshot such as a blank extension page, issues related to mouse gestures and tab switching, the broken search box and various UI issues. Other than that, you can now finally install Adblock Plus if this is the ad blocker of your choice. It should no longer crash Vivaldi. [url=]Read more about it and get it now.[/url]

  • D&D tabs or Dials is very buggy.

  • I noticed you have a lot more mouse gestures than I do… Can I add them? How? Should I do a clean install?

  • Down-arrow on right-side scroll bar is missing. This is a regression for 1.0.212.

  • 1. Where are the site preferences gone?


    2. F5-refreshing a forum's page always ends up with a scroll-to-top whereas on the blog's release site it's ok, and the scroll position remains unchanged.

    Anyway, thank you all at for your continuous and hard work. I think, this will become THE new browser. πŸ™‚


  • Those site preferences disappeared in the snapshot before this one. I started a thread about it about a week ago.

  • @treego:

    Those site preferences disappeared in the snapshot before this one. I started a thread about it about a week ago.

    That's cool, I've just stated the very same info over there in the corresponding blog. πŸ˜‰

    Nevertheless, thank you for clarification.


  • Flash player stopped working for some reason.

  • First thing I notice after it auto-upgraded, is that I have a significant gap between tiles… except that I figured out after I clicked on a couple, that this is some kind of "new content on tab" indicator. It looks really weird, particularly with right-side-no-thumbnail tab settings. I'm not sure that it would look any less weird in any other configuration. Perhaps a slight color change of the entire tab, or some other choice of indicator style would be better.

  • Slider that can be gripped on the right-side scroll-bar disappears when I scroll to the bottom of the page with it. It seems the scroll-bar on the right is only accurate when in full-screen view. It's quite weird. When I go to full-screen mode the missing down-arrow in the right-side scrollbar re-appears.

  • I also cannot add any speed dial buttons.. Selecting from the address bar button does not do anything.

  • @someone:

    1. Where are the site preferences gone?

    Do you remember what Linus Torvalds said to Nvidia three years ago?

    Say the same to Google for that downgrade. πŸ˜‰

    Vivaldi coders have nothing to do with this.

  • @The_Solutor:

    Vivaldi coders have nothing to do with this.

    That makes it even a worse bug.

    @Vivaldi: does that mean these wonderful pref shortcuts are gone for good now?


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    I think Christoph142 said they are trying to figure out if there's something they can do about it.

  • @Ayespy:

    I think Chrisoph142 said they are trying to figure out if there's something they can do about it.

    Now I found the corresponding blog post section, thanks anyway.

    Arrghhh, usually I don't "hate" - but this the-average-Joe-Dumb-user-does-not-want-to-be-bothered-with-anything-paradigm drives me nuts. And it was the google crew who started this stupid crap…... 😠 😠 😠

  • 2-3 months ago some of us wrote we do not like google engine as chosen one. Well, actually we were concerned about will everything be possible to be implemented because of engine limitations, but as we see nobody thought about possibility of google just simple removing some features, leaving us in a blink of an eye, in this example, without site preferences.
    Imagine vivaldi implements chrome extensions, and google one day decides only chrome users can use it.

    But, its like it is, lets move on.

  • That won't happen. Google makes Chrome, Vivaldi uses Chromium. Yes, Google is the main contributor to Chromium as well, but it's an open source engine.

    Google can't screw everything up, don't worry. πŸ™‚

  • Open source is largely irrelevant. Chrome and Chromium are Google's creatures. It is understandable why Vivaldi has to use Chromium, but it is still a downside.

  • Regression vom last weeks snapshot: opening tabs from the bin doesn't work any more

    1. Open any website
    2. Close the tab
    3. Click on the bin: a list of closed tabs appears
    4. Clicking any of those sites does nothing

    I'm on Win7 Pro 64bit, Vivaldi 64bit, tabs on left with tab preview images on.

    Secondly (bug since a few weeks): List with closed tabs from the bin opens up on wrong monitor in the following situation: I'm using two monitors and have Vivaldi open on my right screen. The left screen is my primary screen. Clicking on the bin opens the menu on the left screen while it should be on the right. Again: tabs are place on the left hand side thus the bin icon is in the lower left corner of Vivaldi window.

  • I've got something going really wrong here.

    I launched Vivaldi when I woke up today, and I never got a window. I opened task manager, and I had about 30 Vivaldi processes running (almost all sucking > 300MB!), so I killed them all individually and re-launched. Window came up, but is stuck in a "scrimmed out" (50% gray?) state, and no window controls are available. It's not responding to anything at all, but Windows isn't picking it up as "not responding" and offering to kill it.

    I can't do anything with it, other than kill it and restart it, in which case it goes back to the same state.

    Going to try re-installing this snapshot.

    • edit: reinstalling did not fix, coming back to same state.


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