Getting closer – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1488.25

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    @Pesala said in Getting closer – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1488.25:

    Ctrl+Click on Closed Tabs drop list opens tab in a foreground tab, not in the background. Middle-click works as expected.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit 1809 build 17763.379 • Snapshot 2.4.1488.25 (64-bit)

    Same behaviour on the "Reload" button.

  • @CantankRus And middle-click on trash-can to open last closed tab 🙂

  • @helsten2
    I only have Messenger pinned and Plurk unpinned open all the time. Memory consumption goes up with time, but it does not seem so bad. I mean I still have 2-3 GB-os left from the 8 GB total. But the GUI becomes very laggy.

  • When you activate the Window Background Image in Settings, the Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons in the upper, right corner disappear.
    It does not happen with all images, though ...
    Tested animated GiFs and PNGs. Happens with both.


    It has been like this since the function was introduced.

    Win10x64 Vx64

  • A few snapshots ago, Vivaldi was respecting macOS's dark mode appearance. It no longer does. Is there a particular reason why it stopped doing so?

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    @altcode: Chromium does not fully support it yet in all places so contrast could be bad in certain places. You can try -–force-dark-mode on the cmd line, I believe that will enable it again.

  • 4th SS in a row that's sadly still not good for me.

    1. broken H.264/MP4 when run in Firejail, but are ok if run naked ... VB-50975.
    2. basic Linux paste-from-middle-click function inside text-entry fields still broken in SS but fine in Stable. Actually, now i have new info: it's not SS middle-paste that's broken, but the initial copy-selection-to-clipboard that's broken in SS. I've now found that selected text from non-SS windows [eg, Stable, other browsers, LibreOffice etc] which thus still copies to clipboard, successfully middle-click-pastes into SS text fields. It's only text within SS that fails to copy to clipboard, hence cannot later be middle-click pasted in SS ... VB-51059.

  • @Pesala Middle-click on history links is opening tabs in the foreground too. Happens for quite some snapshots I think.

  • Pretty much bugs are in this snapshot. I hope you will not hurry to stable version.

    BUG: Tooltip "Show foler contents" keeps showing after clicking on folders on bookmarbar bar.

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    I would really like to see the stutter / input lag that occurs when moving certain tabs to a new window fixed before final. I reported it as VB-50885 for, but I'm seeing it on now as well. I'm pretty certain this is a regression.

  • [Regression] Adding support for middle- and Ctrl/Alt click for navigation buttons and trash (VB-50238)
    What's Alt-click for?

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