How to do clean install but transfer all settings & histories?

  • My Vivaldi installation seems to have progressively gotten messed up over time. e.g. On a recent update, I lost the ability to use the drop-down list of typed URLs and when I uninstalled and then reinstalled the previous (i.e. previously fully functional) version I lost all icons/thumbnails on Speed Dial. With any further new updates, I regain the Speed Dial icons/thumbnails but lose access to the list of typed URLs. (The URLs are there, but the list only briefly flashes and is functionally unavailable.)

    I've also previously lost the drop down list from the search box unless I first type a character in the box.

    What I'd like to do is do a fresh, clean Vivaldi install and then transfer over history, bookmark, typed-URL, typed-search, etc files but can't seem to work out what files to back up from my current configuration. Which files should I keep before nuking the Vivaldi folders/files to restore my current histories to a new installation?

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    @wpcoe Hi,

    If you want to try and refresh your profile, this topic is a good place to look:

    You can pick and choose what data gets copied over to a fresh profile manually.

  • Thanks! That seems like a good alternate.

    I renamed the Default folder Default.old, launched Vivaldi and entered an item in the search field, then closed Vivaldi. Upon re-opening Vivaldi, clicking on the down arrow beside the search field showed my previous search. Fine. I closed Vivaldi.

    Then I copied the History file from Default.old to Default. Clicking on the down arrow next to the URL entry field and -- voila! -- all my typed URLs were there. Good. However, clicking on the down arrow beside the search field no longer worked until I entered something into the search field after which the down arrow worked.

    Soooo. Is there a way to re-enable the search field down arrow with my old history file? (I can't recall which Vivaldi version this started, but it's been a few months, I think.)

    I want to tackle this one issue at a time, and this would be the first issue: How to re-enable use of the down arrow by the search field?

    Then, I went back to Default.old and looked for the interface modifications I had made, and transferred a file named Preferences to Default. Restarted Vivaldi, but still showing default interface. Where are the interface settings stored? Things like using the old-style menus.

    Also, looked in Default.old for my saved SpeedDial settings and couldn't find them. Where are the SpeedDial settings stored?

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    @wpcoe I'm not exactly sure where the preferences files are stored - I wish I did as currently I have to manually set them every time I'm on a new profile.

    As for your speed dial, that can be fixed by copying over your Bookmarks file, then going into the bookmarks panel and choosing which folder to use as a speed dial.

  • Hallelujah! The latest update fixed my biggest concern.

    The v.2.4.1488.25 update fixed the problem of the unusable drop-down list of typed URLs and displays the thumbnails/icons on SpeedDial.

    The remaining issue of being able to access the drop-down list of typed search items for the search field, while annoying, is tolerable.

    For now, I'm going to stop tinkering with Vivaldi.

  • Wow, the hits keep coming: the v.2.4.1488.26 update fixed the search history drop-down list issue! 👍

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