Snapshot 1.0.212 - On our way to TP4

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    [quote] Changelog VB-7250 - Add commands to toggle tab bar and address bar VB-7243 - The search box no longer works VB-7242 - Mouse wheel tab switching is too sensitive with Apple magic mice VB-7231 - (Mac) Native window do not display a title VB-7228 - Vivaldi-color matching algorithm sometimes picks the wrong color VB-7225 - Spatial navigation outline scrolls the wrong way when page scrolls VB-7206 - Paste in the address bar sometimes does not trigger the popup with suggestions VB-7196 - Add checkbox in settings to toggle tab bar VB-7163 - UI layout breaks with tabs on left/right VB-7055 - Page content can overlap status bar on resize VB-6966 - Crash at startup with session loss when closing browser at vivaldi:extensions VB-6961 - vivaldi:extensions is blank VB-5318 - Restart button in downloads panel is always active VB-2849 - Disabling color tabs makes progress bar invisible VB-7325 - Tabs on the sides without thumbnail have inconsistent size VB-7315 - Some mouses need two scrolls to switch tabs VB-7289 - Mouse scroll wheel tab switching reverted with rmb VB-7283 - Drag extension file to extensions page to install VB-6926 - Activate mouse gestures with Alt key VB-3774 - Crash installing Adblock Plus VB-7368 - Wrong font color on the bookmarks page with the dark theme VB-7347 - URL autocomplete does not work on first attempt VB-7332 - Unreliable mouse gestures VB-7285 - Tab thumbnail shows for a brief second on startup then collapses to regular tab view[/quote]

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