Downloads going anywhere! "update default location when choosing save as location" defaulted to true

  • There seems to be a new option
    "update default location when choosing save as location"
    which is TRUE by default!

    So when you download lets say a picture to your pictures folder this becomes the new default download folder.
    So when you click "open" on a lets say a pdf downoad later, the pdf will be saved to your pictures folder.

    That's not intentional, right? I plastered our file-server at work with private downloads today...

  • @risfutile Are you sure this is default? Because I never touched this setting and for me it's disabled.

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    Somethings wrong with your install. The default is your download folder. I have never saved to pictures or documents or anywhere else then the last location became the new default. The default location is and always will be the download folder. afaik there is not an "update the default location" option.

  • @Para-Noid Just take a look at settings/downloads, the option is present.

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    @risfutile Using Save As.. changes the default location only for the current session. It has no effect on the path in Settings, Downloads. It is good design. If downloading a bunch of pictures, one may is likely to want to save them in My Pictures, so for the second and subsequent pictures one no longer need to use Save As.. and choose the folder again each time.

    Then one might save a bunch of PDF files to My Documents.

    On restarting Vivaldi the default download location is restored to Downloads (or whatever was set in Settings, Downloads).

    The new checkbox: "Update Default Location When Choosing Save as Location," does change the path every time you use Save As.. and choose a different folder, without having to return to Settings to update it.

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    @luetage Not in my stable install in Linux. There is no "update default location".

    Always save to default location.
    Open download panel.
    Notify on completion.

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    @Para-Noid So you must be running Stable.

    The "Update..." option was added in Snapshot (which you can download and it will automatically run beside stable - not replace it - on Linux)

  • @luetage
    Thanks for being more active than me in this thread.
    And sorry, I forgot to mention that I run snapshots only on and only on windows machines. I figured since it was a setting the OS wouldn't matter.

    Anyway, the option was enabled on all my 3 windows machines. Sync is disabled and I definitely did not activate the setting myself.
    My guess would be that this occurs automatically and by accident when converting settings data between snapshots. I can't pinpoint it exactly, but it probably happened when I updated to 1483.4

    Must be a niche phenomenon since apparently nobody else had any issues.

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    @risfutile The setting was only just recently introduced. When it was introduced, it was checked "on" by default.

  • @Ayespy
    Thank you very much for the confirmation.
    It has to be an accident that this option defaulted to true, right?

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    @risfutile I could not say. There were a lot of complaints that the default location did not update (as it always does in Windows and in other browsers) so the default may have been intentional.

  • I keep the same instance of Vivaldi open for days if not weeks at a time - it's my default browser and I always 'sleep' my machines. I've never checked this box, yet it was turned on with a recent-ish update (Windows and Mac) - presumably a bug. If not a bug, please consider this a counter-complaint 🙂

    Even if it does reset to default on restart (as I've read elsewhere), I'll still eventually end up with files in random folders that then need to be relocated to sensible locations.

    Perhaps there could be a time factor? The first time you pick a non-default location it will be remembered (for that domain only) for a brief period of time (customisable in settings, naturally). If you change domain, or start doing something else, everything goes back to normal.


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    @SminkyBazzA Just disable the setting to "Update the Default Location When Choosing Save As Location"

    No matter how long you leave Vivaldi open, your default location for Save will not be changed. The location last used for Save As will be remembered as whatever you last used until you choose another folder.

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