How do I transfer user data?

  • Installed Vivaldi (standalone) on another PC and copied user data folder over and my bookmarks and notes are recognised but extensions, passwords and custom searches disappear, tried it several times, is there any trick to doing this?

  • If you're using the last snapshot you won't see extensions anyway since there's a bug with them.
    Regarding the passwords I'm not sure they're saved in your profile folder

  • Moderator

    Password data can not be transfered because it is bound and encrypeted to the Windows user account of the PC where they are stored.
    If you copy them to an other PC or new Windows account passwords are not accessabile.

  • The sync feature will be available soon: you'll be able to sync bookmarks, passwords, history and settings across your computers.
    For the extensions wait for the next snapshot (it should be released today unless they have some problems) as you can't see the extensions in this one, or consider trying an older snapshot like the previous one and check if you can see your extensions

  • The problem is the same for all Cr based browsers.

    There are many tricks, services, extensions that can backup/export//restore those sensitive data, meant to be used in chrom[e|ium].

    Most of them should for Vivaldi too…

  • Thanks for all the info, will look forward to sync.
    Have just installed so will see how it goes with that.


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