A sigh from a square corner (or a suggestion for icons)

  • Really hate the round-corner icons, as well as the round-masked ones (Profiles).
    Now in 1488 the whole UI is infected... (Navigation, Status, Panel)

    One of my first feelings for Vivaldi is just squareness. Sharp, trim and fresh!
    But what could I preserve...
    Sighing in a small square corner against the big big round-corner world...

    I'm not off topic.
    Please consider if it's possible to make the icons obey the "Corner Rounding" setting (in the current theme).
    My "Corner Rounding" setting is "Default". These over-shaped icons look uncoordinated and weak...

    Naturally, let round things be round: ball/circle/clock/cloud/flower/...
    So why should square things be round-cornered?
    See the icons of window/notebook/house/image/frame/camera/... they were square-corner before the recent new versions.

    I suggest adding two sets of icons.
    SVGs are just tiny text files.

  • Which icons are you referring to specifically?

  • Sorry, added in the second line.

  • @vias This won't be possible, I don't see how we gonna square the reload button, or how to give the bookmark icon a corner rounding of 14px.

  • @luetage Added again in the first post.

  • I also prefer squared icons. Rounded controls are ugly for me. + button doesn't respect Corner Radius settings, I have set it to "Disabled".

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