Vivaldi Mobile Port: Devs should have a look at Habit Browser (Android)

  • I have stopped searching for a new android mobile browser since I have found Habit Browser many years ago. In terms of user customization and usability, this is the kind of level I would need, to consider using something else on my phone. I love how you can completely customize layout and behavior of user interface in habit browser. menu navigation shortcut features, built in gestures etc..
    I just hope that the devs saw this habit browser when designing their app

    What features on your favorite mobile app do you need on vivaldi?

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    @Marjanisko Hi, We prefer to keep the feature requests forum for one specific well defined request per topic. As this seems more like a discussion thread, I've moved it to the relevant sub forum.

  • @Marjanisko But Habit Browser hasn't been updated in over two years. If you want an extermely customizable browser that gets updated frequently, have a look at Yuzu Browser.

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