Vivaldi crashes when searching a page in incognito mode

  • Recently, I've had an issue where Vivaldi randomly crashes after pressing crtl+F to search a page in incognito. I haven't had this happen to me in regular browsing, nor does it happen every time in regular browsing. I'll press crtl+F to search a page, and at most 1 second later Vivaldi closes entirely, both my incognito windows and regular. This has only started happening within the last week, and every time it has happened I have had both regular incognito windows open for some time. I would really appreciate a fix for this as I'm getting tired of having to hunt down the content I had in the incognito window every time it crashes. Using version 2.3.1440.48 (Stable channel) (32-bit).

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    @TheFrozenSlime I can't reproduce this in the latest snapshot which may mean it is fixed. You could try installing the snapshot as a standalone install to test if you still see the issue there.

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