Capture FULL webpage images from command line

  • Vivaldi can capture full webpages when using "Capture Page to File", so hopefully this functionality can be added to command line options. This would eliminate the need for tools like PhantomJS or writing scripts like this NodeJS solution.

    Note that when referencing Chrome's command line switches, there is already a "--screenshot" switch, but it will only capture what would be visible in the browser, not what is off the screen and has to be scrolled to. For refrenece, please refer to the following:

    /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi-bin --no-sandbox --headless --disable-gpu --window-size=1280,768 --screenshot=./a.png

  • @silhoette Very interesting.
    --no-sandbox - Could please explain me why?

  • @silhoette

    This is an old post now, but I'd like to bump it a little : are there any Vivaldi-specific switches, or only the Chromium ones ?
    A dedicated switch for page capture would be great, since sometimes I have to get some pages in headless mode (no X server available).

    I've been trying / browsing Vivaldi strings, but I can't find explicit references to those switches.

    Best regards,

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