Editing Commands on Vivaldi

  • 😞 The Edit commands on the Vivaldi browser do not seem to work. A copied URLdoes not "paste" either on the smae page or on a different one. May need a look. Thank you

  • Everything seems fine here!
    Maybe you could consider describing the steps for replicating the bug

  • The only way I see to EDIT is through the V icon on the very top left hand side. By clicking on it, I can see the "Edit" command
    down the list and when I click that I get the list to pick from: cut, copy, paste, etc.

    Before I do any editing, I highlight the text I want to copy and then follow the steps described above. Unfortunately, NOTHING is pasted.

    I'd appreciate your describing how you accomplish the copying and pasting.

    Thank you!

    Have a good day!

  • It was working for me cause I never used the V menu!
    You're right, copy and paste commands are bugged if you use them from the V menu!
    Also the cut command is bugged, while I didn't try the remaining ones.
    You could consider selecting text and using ctrl+c for copying and ctrl+v for pasting until the bug is fixed,
    otherwise select the text you need, right mouse click / copy, move in the area where you want to paste and right click/paste

  • Thank you for the helpful feednack. I am glad you validated my experience that the edit commands have a bug and do not work. The solutions you described are very useful and I'll use the right click of the mouse, even though they are not immediately intuitive and it behooves Vivaldi to fix the bug with the edit commands. On the positive side, Vivaldi instituted the edit commands that OPERA lacked in the newer versions after being there for many years. Thank you, once again, for the valued assistance.

    Have a good day!

  • Well they recently moved from Chromium 41 to Chromium 44, a lot of things went buggy and maybe they didn't try those menu items.
    I think that most people, like 60% or so just right click / copy and then right click / paste.
    I use ctrl+c and ctrl+v for example, cause it works the same on Vivaldi, Firefox, Visual Studio and every software I use:
    That way I don't have to remember what's the menu path in the app for copying the text, nor when I right click where's the copy list item.

    I didn't see anyone else complaining about that bug on the forum, you can report it here: https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/
    But the devs read the forum too, and they maybe already discovered about this bug.
    Plus we should be able to download a new snapshot soon from what I read yesterday (later in the day probably),
    so you could consider trying the next snapshot and then tomorrow reporting the bug if it's not fixed yet


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