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  • I would love to have Vivaldi be able to edit the toolbars the same way that Opera 12 was able to. I got spoiled with being able to place the toolbar icons and elements anywhere on the on the window I preferred. I've missed having this in a browser. It would be wonderful if I once again had the ability to change the look or placement of any element on the interface.

    I like the new spinner that the developers added for us, but I would love it if I could change out that default animation with one from the early days of the web I've been saving. It would also be awesome to once again have the more verbose loading text from Opera 12 available as an option to add into the window somewhere. I hope I don't sound too greedy, I just miss these options.

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    @Shadowraven One step at a time...

    It took four years to get customizable toolbars, even to the extent that we have now - and equally long to get context menus in Bookmarks Bar subfolders.. Much more customizing is to come, but we just have to wait for all the code to be written. It's a large task.

    Meanwhile, the team is trying to get mail and mobile ready to launch, as well. Much to do, limited time and personnel.

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