Lots of small bugs / feature requests

  • Hello everyone! I've recently discovered Vivaldi, and love its idea (lóng-time Opera user here). However, when setting it up (I run the 64-bit TP3 for Linux) I ran into quite a few difficulties. Some greatly impede me using Vivaldi (bugs), others are simply nice to have (feature requests): [ol] [li]Main menu:[ol] [li]Pressing "Alt" doesn't open the Vivaldi menu, and after pressing Toggle Menu Position the menu items have no shortcut letter assigned (Alt+F for File e.g.)[/li] [li]When I try to import data from Opera 12.x the process hangs (the icon keeps rotating, but doesn't stop). This may have to do with me not having Opera 12 anymore, but Opera 32 (for Linux), although I might have some leftover Opera 12 files from long ago.[/li][/ol][/li] [li]Bookmarks / Speed dial:[ol] [li]Closing (collapsing) folders in the Bookmark panel only works if the folder itself is selected; pressing "left" when a bookmark is selected does nothing. I expected the folder to close.[/li] [li]If I open the Bookmark panel using a keyboard shortcut, the panel doesn't get activated, and I need to use the mouse to select a bookmark. I would prefer to use the keyboard to select. The same applies when choosing "Bookmarks" or "History" from the top of the window (in Speed dial, just below the address bar, where it says "+ Bookmarks History").[/li] [li]If I add more folders to Speed dial by pressing that "+", then again I need the mouse to select a folder. Since the cursor buttons don't do anything on that page, they could be mapped to selecting a Speed dial item, or a different Speed dial folder.[/li] [li]I can convert a bookmarks folder to a Speed dial folder by right-clicking, but can't drag it from the Bookmark panel to the Speed dial.[/li] [li]I would expect to be able to rename bookmarks using F2, or editing them using Alt+Enter. Unfortunately, neither work.[/li] [li]The counter next to a folder indicates how many sub-items it has; I expected the number of bookmarks in the entire tree below (excluding folders).[/li] [li]When searching for bookmarks in the Bookmark panel I see the results, but cannot easily access them without the mouse. The cursor buttons don't work, and tabbing to the results doesn't work either. Even when the bookmark I need is selected, pressing enter sometimes doesn't work. (At times it does, other times enter does nothing. Sorry, I can't reproduce it reliably.)[/li] [li]If I search for a single letter in the Bookmark panel (e.g. "a"), then all the folders collapse, but I don't get any search results. If I then search for two letters (e.g. "ab"), then I get a lot of non-matching results, which only disappear when I click on them. Only then do only the matching ones remain.[/li] [li]Accidentally deleting bookmarks is too easy: there's no confirmation, and seemingly no way to recover lost bookmarks.[/li] [li]I can select multiple bookmarks, but can move them only one at a time.[/li][/ol][/li] [li]Settings window[ol] [li]The folders under "Select Bookmark Bar Folder" could be indented to represent the tree they are.[/li] [li]I would like to import Search engines from Opera, but this doesn't seem to be possible at the moment. Alternatively, I would like to be able to edit a human-readable config file (like Opera's search.ini) to do this manually.[/li] [li]When creating a new Search engine the site's encoding is not taken into account. E.g. http://starling.rinet.ru/cgi-bin/morphque.cgi?encoding=win uses KOI8-R, but if I create a Search engine from the input field there, then Vivaldi assumes UTF-8 anyway, and sends the wrong data. I.e., I need http://starling.rinet.ru/cgi-bin/morph.cgi?flags=wndnnnnp&root=config&word=����, not http://starling.rinet.ru/cgi-bin/morph.cgi?flags=wndnnnnp&root=config&word=стул.[/li] [li]The Restore Search Engines button could use a confirmation dialog, as the action is irreversible.[/li] [li]Human-readable setting files would be a lot easier for setting up Vivaldi the same way on different computers.[/li] [li]If the Tab cycling order is Tab order, then when closing a tab I would expect its right neighbor to become active (in Tab order, after all), not the most Recently Used tab.[/li][/ol][/li] [li]Browsing[ol] [li]There's no shortcut to toggle Images/Cached/No images (previously Shift+I in Opera).[/li] [li]Not all mouse gestures work, in particular down+right to close the current tab, and scrolling through tabs.[/li] [li]Ctrl+Space doesn't open the Homepage[/li] [li]Middle-clicking a link opens it in the background, but this option is absent when right-clicking the link.[/li] [li]Single word hostnames are always interpreted as search queries. They should first be resolved through /etc/hosts.[/li][/ol][/li] [li]Other points[ol] [li]I'm missing the site validator, previously in Opera available under Ctrl+Alt+V.[/li] [li]The delete button sometimes doesn't work at all in the address bar (same problem as enter in bookmarks?).[/li][/ol][/li] [/ol] I know, I know, it's quite a lot 🙂 I hope some (most?) of it can make it into a newer version! Best regards, Nieko

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    If I were you, I would download and install version 1.0.201 https://vivaldi.net/en-US/blogs/teamblog/item/33-snapshot-1-0-201-2-search-engines-spatial-navigation-gray-look-customisable-mouse-gestures (which has the added benefit of getting you on the shapshot repo for updates) and see how many of your issues are addressed. Ver. 209 is newer and has a couple more advancements, but it's buggy as hell as well, so I would wait until the next version (which should come out today or tomorrow) and jump to that. Almost everything you have mentioned is, or probably is, in the pipeline, with varying priorities and future dates for arrival.

  • Thanks, I tried that version, but the only thing that was fixed was the mouse gesture for closing a tab. All the other issues are still there though, unfortunately… Is the pipeline viewable somewhere publicly? It'd be interesting to see what we can expect next, or possibly even vote for bugs/features to be fixed (long shot, I know :P).

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    Tons of voting for features has already occurred. Basically everything Old Opera, Firefox, Chrome or Maxthon is capable of has been voted for with varying levels of support. In the final analysis, it looks as though Vivaldi will try, over time, to duplicate or improve on everything Opera 12 and earlier versions could do, in every respect, plus possibly a couple of features adopted from user comments. This being the case, and there being so far to go from the current status to "perfection, " development and adoption of features will need to be prioritized in view of the fact there are fewer than twenty developers, including some recent (very talented) acquisitions.

    I have a feeling cleaning up bookmark management (which is far and away the majority of your comments) will lag a bit while things like private browsing, mail and overall UI customization are put in place. From their comments, the team is acutely aware the bookmark management function needs considerable attention. But there are even more urgent concerns to address first.

  • OK, I'll be sure to keep an eye out. I'm using Vivaldi off and on now, and with more improvements/fixes I hope to fully switch sometime soon 🙂


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