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  • Morning Folks! I did some research prior to this and it seems like this issue came up about 2 years ago, but I didn't really see a resolution that helped me out. Basically, all my text in the Vivaldi browser if I'm not working in it, becomes blurred, almost downsampled. Even while working in it seems slightly not at the same resolution as my other monitors or browswers. I verified this by switching to another monitor and it is fine. It's not a Monitor on the fritze. I tried uninstalling the browser as well. I tried updating both windows and graphics card drivers. Any suggestions?


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    Check if you have settings in your graphics card for FXAA
    Check for latest driver of graphics GPU/card at manufacturer's webpage
    Disable Use of Hardware Acceeleration in Vivaldi → Settings → Webpages

  • @Gwen-Dragon I'll know for sure in a little bit, but i think your suggestion of the disabling hardware acceleration totally worked. Visually it just looks better already. The only that that I did differently when I noticed this issue was to install something called AI Suite which is actually for my mother board which is an ASUS. It basically is just an windows based overclocking engine for the CPU that just analyses your current setup and optimizes it for the best perofmace. Im only "assuming" that this had something to do with it, but don't know it messed with the Vivaldi setup and no other application. So thrilled to have this browser back instead of defaulting to Chrome over the weekend lol. Thank you! I'll keep this post updated if the problem persists

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