Checkbox to disable opening file manager after capture page

  • Since "image capture" has "capture file name template" settings, I no longer need to have a file manager automatically open (for renaming the captured file to a meaningful name). Can you add a checkbox to disable opening the file manager on capture. In stead of the file manager opening, a notification can appear on capture success (similar to the notification sent when a download completes)

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    There is a work around - check option [ Copy to Clipboard ] it will not stop Capture page & Desktop Notification will be shown at the Upper right corner of the screen.

  • That work around does not save the file or bring up a notification for me. I am running Vivaldi 2.3.1440.60 (Stable channel) (64-bit) on a bionic linux system. Should I try this on Vivaldi 2.4 experimental?

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    The screenshot is saved at Clipboad. In this case you must you have selected the area (Copy to Clipboard on) and hit "Esc", which erased was everything.



  • Just downloaded and started Vivaldi 2.4.1483.4. I have a notification appear when capturing full page with copy to clipboard enabled. Notification says "Image stored in the clipboard". However no file saved to:

    • Downloads > Download Location
    • Webpages > Capture Storage Folder

    Clipboard does indeed have image copied to it, since I can paste the clipboard to a new image in Gimp.

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    @silhoette said in Checkbox to disable opening file manager after capture page:

    Clipboard does indeed have image copied to it, since I can paste the clipboard to a new image in Gimp.

    Great! it works as it intend. However only the options with file format are saved ~~the Capture Page~ in the HDD.

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  • Let's see if I can clarify real world usages as to why having the file manager pop up is not desirable.

    • If a person is downloading web pages for offline reading (such as when flying), saving in JPG format is portable to copy to phone or tablet
    • When doing testing/forensics/auditing a personal website when many screenshots have to be made
    • Captuing screennshots while someone is live streaming a game

    In all examples, having to constantly close the file manager, or paste/save in an image editor, are just unneeded/unwanted steps.

    Who wants to have to shut down the file manager 10 times if capturing 10 times?

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    @silhoette I understand you and have an idea how many times you have to repeat the same procedure.
    By design, the feature has 5 options

    1 Full Page
    2 Selection

    3 Save as Png
    4 Save as Jpeg
    5 Copy to Clipboard

    The options number 3 & 4 will automatically call your file manager. Only the last option (copy to clipboard) will not use any file manager.

    You can use the FT to post your request.

  • @lamarca, from your last post, you said

    "You can use the FT to post your request"

    I thought that is what I did, when I started this forum post 4 days ago. Are you saying that this forum post is in the wrong area when making a request?

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    @silhoette That doesn't looks like the standard feature request for me.


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