Bug ( Leaving "Find in page box open in one tab makes address box unusable in another tab

  • To reproduce: 1. Open a tab, press Ctrl + f (Find in page) 2. Open another tab (e.g. Ctrl + t), make sure that address field is focused 3. Try typing an address - only one character gets typed

  • Moderator

    Hm. For me, find in page is Ctrl+f. Is that a typo?

    Also, I can't reproduce this bug. What sort of platform are you on?

  • Sorry, that was a typo indeed. But the bug is still there for me on two computers, one with Arch (Xorg 1.16) another with Debian testing (Xorg 1.17), Awesome WM. That behaviour was definitely not in the previous version.

  • Moderator

    Ah. Haven't tested it in Linux. Will have to do so.

    Edit: OK - does not happen on 32-bit Lubuntu. I would have hoped a problem with a Deb-based distro would have showed up in all branches using a Deb foundation - but no.

  • Hm, sounds very weird. Though I am on x64.

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