Browse fast with Vivaldi’s awesome Mouse Gestures

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    We have five simple gestures for you to try today. But beware – you might get hooked!

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    Mouse gestures are super-useful - I hate when I have to use a browser that doesn't support them (and even some other types of applications).

    For going back and forward between pages, gestures don't hold up against rocker gestures - that seems far easier for me (Hold a mouse button then click the other).

  • @OlgaA I have used FireGestures the whole time I have been with FF (which I no longer use) and Palemoon (which I still do). I love the fact that Vivaldi supports them by making them part of its browser. No add-on necessary!

    But one thing - a gesture that I find very useful in Fire Gestures is holding the right mouse button down while clicking the left. I use this for opening links in background tabs. I, of course, have to do that differently in Vivaldi. But I'm wondering, will Vivaldi ever support such a gesture method? Or do they already and I just missed it?

  • @scott: That's the "Rocker Gestures" LonM mentioned in his comment above.
    It's used in Vivaldi to go through your browser history:
    right-left is for going one link back,
    left-right is for going one link forward.
    You can activate it Settings > Mouse.
    I don't know if there's a way to change it to your preferred mouse action.

  • That's really one of the things I adore with Vivaldi (and the blog in particular). Regularly, we're invited to read articles which are clear, well written and well illustrated and which reminds me that... man, you've been using Vivaldi since a year now, you knew fantastic feature XYZ was there, at your disposal, but... you didn't use it!
    So, thank you for those blog posts. They remind me often all the treasures Vivaldi has to offer.

  • I've used mouse gestures since they were introduced back in Opera. I try to use the keyboard as much as I can these days because of a history with RSI, but there are some gestures I use, for instance reload and back/forward.

    I do wish there was some kind of visual feedback when using gestures - for instance the trail shown in the examples could also be shown on the page so the user knows what gesture they're attempting. And the registered gesture could be shown in the status bar like this: Gesture UD (Reload page)

    This is what Firegestures on FF had, and it was much better than the invisible ones in Vivaldi. Of course visual gestures should be an option as I'm sure some users won't like it.

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    I miss the "Go up one level" mouse gesture (up left)

  • @Cqoicebordel Miss? Huh? You seem to imply we no longer have it... but it's one of my standard gestures i use multiple times each day. Mine is Left-Up.

  • @moribund Thanks for the reply!

    The rocker gestures I took to mean right-clicking (then releasing) then left-clicking. The FireGestures allows something just slightly different: right-clicking (then holding right button down) and left-clicking. Small difference, I guess. Sorry I misunderstood.

    But you're correct, it would be nice for me to be able to edit those as well since I'm used to them being used for different functions than Vivaldi's history browsing, which I hardly ever use.

    Anyway, thanks for the correction! 🙂

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    @steffie: Huh ? I can't find it.
    Just to be clear, "go up one level" as in a directory, go from "" to ""

  • Mouse gestures - the leading cause of worn out right-click mouse buttons.

  • @Cqoicebordel

    go from "" to ""

    Yep, eg, when i invoke this MG from this thread, i return to the initial forum Unread page.

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    @steffie: Ah, yeah. But history rewind isn't the same. In O12, you had the possibility to go up one level. It was really useful. For example, if I open a new tab, and paste the URL of the current blog post (, I could do a mouse gesture to go to directly.
    That was really useful !

  • @Cqoicebordel My apologies for my misunderstanding. Whoops!

  • While I really LOVE Mouse Gestures, I find it much easier to simply click the middle mouse button on a link to open it in a new background tab.

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    And one thing that even Opera didn't offer: For those of you on devices with a keyboard, but without an attached mouse, you can use the Alt key instead of RMB to perform the gestures (extra setting). 👏🏻

  • without configurable rockers I can't move to any other gestures solutions than Fire Gestures, sorry

    and while working on my extension I found a huge issue with Chromium extensions API: being unable to provide both BrowserAction and PageAction in the same extension is a dealbreaker, can you patch this up in your builds? pretty please! or plain move to WebExtensions instead as these provide few improvements, including Experiments

  • Mouse gestures are at the top of my list. For me, Rocker gesture is the best way to switch tabs.
    In some cases, the option "Switch Tabs by Scrolling" has to be enabled at Settings → Tabs

  • @zakius Just for you to know : you can actually edit the mouse gestures (see below). Is this the configuration you're looking for?

  • @christoph142: I really like this a lot, a lot, a lot!

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