Where can I find my bookmarked topics?

  • Can I be notified of new posts to my bookmarked topics?

  • @LAPIII You find your bookmarked posts here: https://forum.vivaldi.net/user/username/bookmarks

    But bookmarking a post won't notify you, you have to either reply to a topic, which will automatically watch it (that's the default in settings), or if you haven't replied you will have to watch the topic manually. Either through RSS feed or site notifications. Hit the dropdown menu on top or bottom of topics and categories to set this.

    0_1552603349903_Screenshot 2019-03-14 23.41.35.png

  • @luetage said:


    If it's not directly your profile (forum.vivaldi.net/user/username) you can use forum.vivaldi.net/me/bookmarks (or where do you want to go), what works for everyone.

  • They should put a link for bookmarks in the drop-down menu of the circle in the top right corner of the page, for all Vivaldi forum users to see.

  • @LAPIII It's better than it used to be, the link on the profile site didn't even exist half a year ago, we had to bookmark the bookmarks link to get to them.

    You can also try the forum extension, which puts a link to the bookmarks site into the navbar.


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