Startup problem

  • Hello everyone I have a problem starting Vivaldi, both with 32 and 64bit Tested on several PCs, but the problem is the same. Basically when I try to open any link (from anywhere, as a reader email, word, notes etc) with Vivaldi closed, it opens without me go to the page of the link, but remains in the SpeedDial. If on the contrary I open a link in browsers open, I open the desired page How to solve? Problem presented himself 3 updates ago. Windows7 64bit Greetings!

  • ive noticed similar issues with passing links from foreign apps. Lately ive noticed it will open both the link and the speedial, but default to the speedial.

  • Known problem.

    It affects more the all user installation, if it's your case you can try to uninstall Vivaldi and reinstall it as single users.

  • Thank you very much.
    Now I try


    I tried as you suggested but unfortunately it did not work
    On the other hand I saw that by setting the speed dial as startup page, but the link will open in a background tab.
    For now, better than nothing

    Sorry for grammatical errors, are Italian

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