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  • Hi Everybody!
    Great to be here.

    First of all: I'm sorry if my question seems dumb but this is my first blog ever and I really have no idea where to look, so here goes.

    I would like to give people reading my blog the possibility to follow me.
    How do I put a button in my vivaldi-blog for say, people who want to get a message on facebook, whenever I post something new?

    Sorry again. Seems kinda basic, yet I'm absolutely clueless.
    Thanks for your help.


  • Moderator

    @CowboyBebop Hi!

    If you visit the name of your blog, and add "/feed" onto the end of the URL you get an RSS feed.
    You could use this with a service like IFTTT to auto-post to facebook if you wanted. Or people can subscribe to it using an RSS client.

  • @LonM Thanks for your quick reply.

    I think, though, I wasn't clear enough with what I want.

    Is it possible for me to provide a button that says "follow me" that anyone who visits my blog could click on?
    So, when I post something new, they would get a message on FB or twitter or whatever.
    Also, it would be awesome if I could integrate some kind of share-button.

    Any thoughts and ideas are very much appreciated.

    Thanks again and best,

  • Moderator

    @CowboyBebop I understand what you mean. I don't think that's currently possible. You can "follow" someone from the central admin page, to see other Vivaldi blogs, but there's no way right now to "push" updates for other people to follow you.

    You could have a look here: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/22011/feature-requests-for-the-user-blogs/

    There are some replies asking for social sharing buttons, and you could add your own feature request relating to letting people follow your blog.

  • Thank you so much for your effort and your answer. 🙂
    I will indeed go ahead and do what you suggested.


  • @CowboyBebop did you post your idea at the end? I couldn't find it. I think it is a really good idea.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hey @cedricdes, we've updated our blogging platform since this topic was started. Each blog post now has a 'Share' button below the post, just above the Comments section. There's unfortunately no way to automate sharing new posts.

    Also, all users with a Vivaldi account can follow your blog by clicking on 'Follow' on the black menu bar on top of your blog. If the users don't have a Vivaldi account, you can use @LonM's RSS and IFTTT suggestions.

  • Hi @jane-n it is exactly what I was looking for! (I had not seen the black menu bar on top) You are doing great work! Thank you.

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