Open link under current find result when using the "find in page" feature

  • This is my first post, so please direct me to the correct place if this is not the right spot for this. Often times when using any given web browser, if I know the exact text displayed for a link, but I don't know exactly where it is, rather than to visually hunt and peck with the mouse, I prefer to use the find in page feature (via a keyboard shortcut), type the text displayed with the link, and then hit Ctrl+Enter to open the link. I could not find any key combination to follow a highlighted or found link. Is there something I am missing or any way I can customize Vivaldi to do this? Further justification: If this sounds like it is not a useful feature to you, I would like to explain what I like about it. It is a very natural thing to do entirely from the keyboard. You need to use the keyboard to use the find in page feature (as far as I know). Even if there is some way to use that feature without the keyboard, it makes more sense to use the keyboard to use it since you will have to use the keyboard to type what you want to find anyway, thereby requiring you to move your fingers to the keyboard if they were not already there. Once you type what you are looking for, this text is already highlighted and found, and your fingers are already on the keyboard, so it makes sense to have the option to use the keyboard to open that link rather than move a hand to the mouse, move the cursor to the link and click it. At that point you may even want to move your hand back to the keyboard to use the find in page feature again. But if your hand never left the keyboard, you could navigate through multiple links until you arrive where you want without having to go back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse. [b]Update[/b]: This probably should be moved to the forum for all versions of Vivaldi as I don't imagine this is a Linux only thing. Can someone move it there? [b]Update:[/b] I guess I will just have to create a new thread myself in that area.

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