My suggestions

  • Hi Recently I tested Vivaldi and I think it's a really interesting project. I used many browsers and addons and I have some suggestions for Vivaldi browser: [ol] [li]Autohide for panels, switcher and toolbars ( also in fullscreen mode ). On a small laptop monitors lots of users would be happy to saving as more space as possible. [ol] [li]on click ( or on hover as above ) hide switcher and click on background ( or on mouse out as above ) - show switcher or change switcher background when active[/li] [li]Transparent swicher before dark panel do not look like so good.[/li] [/ol] [/li] [li]Movable controls ( like Firefox Australis ) and movable Vivaldi buttton[/li] [li]Menu modyfications: [ol] [li]Icons in context menu support - like in Firefox[/li] [li]allow user to change menus and add option to restore menu ( for example context menu ) or all menus[/li] [li]multiple element in menus ( like icons in firefox )[/li] [li]multiple actions on menu element for example element with text ( or icon for ): "open link" and action open link in current tab + tooltip: "middle click to open link in new tab" and middle click action to open link in new tab[/li] [li]allow same multiple elements ( with small changes ) in menus for example: "open link in active new tab" and "open link in inactive new tab"[/li] [li]support for sub-menus and actions for parent menu[/li] [/ol] example context menu: go back icon | refresh icon | go next icon | add to bookmark icon "current tab history" |- first page |- second page |- third page |- ... (for links:) "open link" ( onclick open in current tab ) |-"in new active tab" | "in new inactive tab" |-"in new active window" | "in new inactive window" "My label" |-my label for custom link #1 |-my label for custom link #2 [/li] [li]support dark theme for options[/li] [li]change window buttons ( min, max and close on Linux )[/li] [li]set as desktop wallpaper ( Linux )[/li] [li]RSS / Atom reader[/li] [li]more info about images - resolution, exif etc.[/li] [li]optionally allow to change location input like "Location Bar Enhancer" Firefox addon[/li] [li]current tab history menu[/li] [li]configurable: auto-refresh on 404 page error[/li] [li]force HTTPS connection ( if page supports it )[/li] [li]restart browser button[/li] [li]allow only one instance option[/li] [li]easy switch user agent ( with option to define custom string )[/li] [li]domain blocklist[/li] [li]private tab and private window support[/li] [li]profile manager[/li] [li]IRC client[/li] [li]fix context menu position in pdf reader[/li] [li]epub reader[/li] [li]custom scripts and styles for any domain / subdomain / page or browser - like stylish[/li] [li]bookmarks menu ( for context menu )[/li] [li]allow to change a program to open file ( also in save/open popup )[/li] [li]search input in new tab[/li] [li]allow to change default new tab with address[/li] [li]hide element and hide element with remember for context menu + restore popup + restore all for page / domain / all[/li] [li]something like "Snap links Plus" Firefox addon[/li] [li]dark theme scrollbar support and auto hide scroolbar like "Minimal Scrollbar" Chrome/Chromium extension[/li] [li]Developer tools in panel ( bottom, left or right )[/li] [li]something like: [url=]this[/url][/li] [li]after close active tab I do not see page of other active tab ( just dark background like theme on Linux)[/li] [li]something like panorama in Firefox[/li] [li]something like new Firefox app icon menu ( from Australis )[/li] [li]add option to sync email accounts and address book(s) when email client complete[/li] [li]allow to easy change toolbar order[/li] [li]Bug: "-webkit-app-region: drag;" prevents other mouse events ( both CSS and JavaScript, see [url=]this[/url][/li] [li]Bug: sometimes I get page focus problem - I need right button click ( left do not work ) and then I can scroll page ( without this I change tab on mouse scroll ).[/li] [/ol] What do you think about it ? Of course I know that implementing any of these things would have their own priorities, but I'm interesting if there are / will be planned at all. Is extensions sync works with its options ?


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